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May 2017

    Tinder Loving Care


    When men want to get laid, they are limited creatively.

    When swiping (a/k/a “Tindering”), if you come across the photo of a man who piques your interest (as in you would mate with him if living in the jungle after your plane crashed and the survivors have been reduced to a clan of animalistic beings), then you tap on his photo.

    This will bring up his “profile,” which is a tiny pitch he’s composed about who he is,  along with a series of photos he’s selected in order to woo you. If you like what you see you tap on the heart, (or right swipe) if you don’t like what you see, you tap the “X” (or left swipe) and move on.  If you are daring or impatient (aka desperate) you can bypass this vetting stage right swipe everyone.  But some of us gals are prude and require a few photos and some info before we say yes.

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  • The Broken Heart Diet

    Broken Heart Triage:

    FOR SERIOUS EMERGENCIES UNTIL FURTHERER HELP (AKA GIRLFRIENDS) ARRIVE * Sees’ Molasses Chips * Butterfingers candy bar * Dark chocolate dipped in peanut butter * Finger dipped in peanut butter *…