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April 2017

    Tinder Loving Care

    Welcome to Tinder

    “Single mom, writer, and community service maven seeks kind, compassionate, intelligent, funny man, steady in his life – to exchange witty banter, clever repartee, and perhaps see where it leads. Tall is a plus. I’m 5’11”.”

    It was a dire situation. Desperate even.

    After fourteen years of marriage – commitment, hard work, and all things housewifely – I found out my man had another woman… for fourteen years.

    BAM! All at once, I was single again.

    After another year (or three) of crying about it, my friends, my family, even my children told me enough! Time to move on.

    Problem was, I was a 45-year-old single mother of two who worked full time. Not the best catch in LA’s sea of nubile young models and taught budding actresses. Even worse, I had been on maybe a total of ten dates my entire life. You could count the number of men I’d slept with on three fingers.

    Did I mention I was 45 and a single mom?

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