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    Love in the Middle Ages

    Four Steps to Tinder Time
    (Create the Perfect On-Line Profile)

    After too much experience on Tinder, I have gleaned the essence of the perfect profile—something that will increase your odds of attracting a man who is halfway decent and better than a serial killer.


    If you are looking for a hookup, a shag, a “slam, bam, thank-you, man” and nothing more, then put up your sexy pics, don’t bother with a blurb, and go with God. But you’re safer meeting a dude at a dive bar in Barstow (look it up) where you can at least check out his friends and assess how he smells in person. The world can be a dangerous place, especially for us gals. There are predators around every corner, especially online. So do what you must, but watch Looking for Mr. Goodbar before you do anything.

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